50 Pumpkin Baking Cups

Create delightful desserts with these adorable pumpkin baking cups! Perfect for Thanksgiving, birthday, or baby shower celebrations, these fun cups will add a dose of seasonal cheer to your baking. Add a touch of personality to any sweet treat with these cute cups!

Features of this product:
  • Pumpkin Baking Cups
  • Size: Holds 5 oz 
  • Materials: Paper, Foil
  • Food and Freezer Safe
  • Quantity: 50 Foodsafe Cups 

Recommendation if baking: Fill cup half way, place cups on baking tray. Oven safe to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use these cups to bake cupcakes, small pies, mini cheesecakes, mini quiches or muffins! Or use them to hold nuts, candies, dips, snacks, cookies or ice cream. 

Please note, these baking cups are foiled and therefore not microwave safe.

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