Purple 82" Round Tablecloth

Create a lovely backdrop for your party dessert and decorations using this pretty purple table cover!

Features of this product:

  • Purple Tablecloth
  • Size: 82" Round
  • Quantity: 1 Table Cover
  • Color: Purple Amethyst
  • Shape: Octagon-Round
  • Material: 2-Ply Tissue Surface, 1-Ply Plastic Lining

This table cover has an absorbent paper surface with a classy textured appearance, along with a plastic lining underneath that is both waterproof and durable. An octagon shape lends itself to superior drape over a round table, making this table cover a must-have for your wedding, birthday or shower!

Pro Party Tip: Make party clean-up a breeze by using disposable table covers! After the party, clear the table of keepsakes, and leave the disposables! Then simply fold the sides up to capture disposable items inside the table cover, toss it in the waste basket, and cleanup is done!

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