I Do Buffalo Plaid BBQ Cutlery Bag Set

If you're planning a Buffalo Plaid I Do BBQ, then this is a must-have accessory for your party decor! These adorable "I Do" cutlery bag sets include buffalo plaid napkins and your choice of cutlery color. It's exactly what you'll need for your guests to devour their hearty BBQ meal, all in one package set!

Features of this product:

  • I Do Buffalo Plaid Cutlery Sets
  • 24 buffalo plaid beverage napkins (5" x 5")
  • 24 plastic forks, 24 plastic spoons, and 24 plastic knives
  • 24 kraft paper bags (4" x 2.5") hand-stamped with black ink
  • Simple assembly required; wrap the cutlery in napkins and tuck them inside the bags

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