Fiesta Party Colorful Cutlery Bag Set

When it's time to party, create a picture-worthy tabletop display with these adorable fiesta cutlery bag sets! Sombrero, guitar, cactus and chili pepper decals make this perfect combo a must-have piece of your fiesta party decor! Display one at each setting, or arrange them in a festive basket at the cake and food tables for guests to use and enjoy.

Fiesta Party Cutlery Set Includes:

  • 24 plain 3-ply paper beverage napkins (5" x 5")
  • 24 white paper bags (4" x 2.5") affixed with a vinyl decal
  • 24 plastic forks, 24 plastic spoons, and 24 plastic knives
  • Simple assembly required; wrap the cutlery in napkins and tuck them inside the bags

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